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Cockpit cleaners

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  1. Fukupika Dashboard Cleaning Wipes

    Soft99 Fukupika Dashboard Cleaning Wipes 7 pcs

    Interior cleaning wipes. They remove dust and dirt, leaving the surface naturally clean. Learn More
  2. Wash Mist Plus

    Soft99 Wash Mist Plus 300 ml

    A revolutionary agent designed for cleaning and hygiene-oriented maintenance in your car's interior, home & more. Removes dirt, dust and greasy spots, neutralising odours and microorganisms. Learn More
  3. wash mist set

    Soft99 Wash Mist 300 ml + Wash Mist refill 300 ml (without trigger)

    Set contains 300 ml bottle with trigger and 300 ml refill bottle without trigger.

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  4. Soft99 Wash Mist

    Soft99 Wash Mist 300 ml

    Powerful cleaner to clean and reinvigorate almost all interior car surfaces like dashboard, center console, plastic parts, LCD panels, glass and fabric. Removes unplesant odour and keeps the interior fresh.

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    Regular Price: €12.30

    Special Price €11.69 (-5%)

  5. Soft99 Cloth Barrier Fabric Coat 170 ml

    Soft99 Cloth Barrier Fabric Coat 170 ml

    Long-lasting water-repellent coating on fabric elements of car interior based on Fusso fluorine polymers. Protects fabric for up to 3 months.

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  6. fabric seat spot remover

    Soft99 Fabric Spot Remover 20 ml

    Cleaning kit that is perfect for getting rid of stubborn stains and dirt marks from fabric upholstery.

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    Regular Price: €12.10

    Special Price €11.50 (-5%)

  7. Fabric Seat Cleaner

    Soft99 New Fabric Seat Cleaner 400 ml

    All-rounder for cleaning and refreshing fabric upholstery.

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    Regular Price: €17.50

    Special Price €16.63 (-5%)

  8. Luxury Leather

    Soft99 Luxury Leather 500 ml

    An excellent product for comprehensive care of leather and synthetic leather upholstery, as well as leather and plastic interior elements. Learn More
  9. Leather Seat Cleaning Wipes

    Soft99 Leather Seat Cleaning Wipes 7 pcs

    The special formula removes dirt gently, leaving leather nourished and protected from further degradation. Learn More
  10. Leather Seat Cleaner

    Soft99 Leather Seat Cleaner 300 ml

    Removes stains and dirt without damaging the seat material. A unique blend of substances, including vitamin E, prevents the leather from further deteriorating.

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10 Item(s)

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