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Car drying towels

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  1. Eco-friendly Riwax car drying towel for drying your vehicle

    Riwax® Car Drying Towel, Extra Absorbent, Eco Friendly, 48.5x51CM, 04101

    Riwax® Car Drying Towel has extra absorbent properties, designed for drying car windows, reflectors, chrome parts and paint. Fluff-free, no formation of smears.

    Learn More

    Regular Price: €8.50

    Special Price €6.80 (-20%)

  2. Drying towel grey

    ValetPRO Drying Towel (Grey)

    These is a excellent towel for drying large areas of your car after a wash. (50cm x 80cm) Learn More
  3. Elka Synthetic Sponge

    Altur Elka Synthetic Sponge

    Ultra adsorbing synthetic leather for manual drying of cars, windows, etc. Learn More

    Regular Price: €10.50

    Special Price €8.40 (-20%)

  4. Max Wash 4 Pockets

    Soft99 Max Wash 4Pockets Format Cloth

    Highly absorbent towel that can be used in various ways. Learn More

    Regular Price: €21.90

    Special Price €19.71 (-10%)

4 Item(s)

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